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= situation this time → diesmal, dieses Mal; just about every or each time … → jedes Mal, wenn …; quite a few a time, again and again → viele Male; quite a few’s the time I have heard him say … → ich habe ihn schon oft sagen hören …; for the final time → zum letzten Mal; and he’s not very brilliant at the very best of periods → und er ist ohnehin or sowieso nicht sehr clever; some time in advance of → das letzte or vorige Mal; the time prior to very last → das vorletzte Mal; time and (time) once again, time after time → immer wieder, wieder und wieder (geh); I’ve informed you a dozen times … → ich habe dir schon x-mal gesagt …; nine moments away from ten … → neun von zehn Malen …; she comes thrice a week → sie kommt dreimal pro Woche or in der Woche ?

Ambrotypes frequently exhibit some flaking in their black back coating, cracking or detachment in the picture-bearing emulsion layer, or other deterioration, however the graphic layer on a tintype has tested to become generally extremely tough.

two. (General Physics) physics a quantity measuring period, usually with reference to the periodic system such as the rotation from the earth or the vibration of electromagnetic radiation emitted from certain atoms. In classical mechanics, time is absolute during the sense which the time of an celebration is impartial with the observer.

Hostile climatic conditions, nonetheless, forced the postponement of the famed D-working day until the following day. The expression is at the moment used in an analogous way, particularly in the academic earth exactly where learners normally seek advice from the because of, date to the submission of work as D-working day.

When compared to their primary predecessor, the daguerreotype, tintypes were not merely incredibly cheap, they were also relatively straightforward and brief for making.[3] A photographer could put together, expose, acquire and varnish a tintype plate and also have it Completely ready for the customer in a couple of minutes.

Profiles with certain position titles Obviously attracted far more attention. We also had our truthful share of tacky pickup strains and genuine, very good folks connecting with us, but we under no circumstances received a targeted assault.

He would form out his possess troubles, in time → À terme, il trouverait des methods à ses propres problèmes.

In the meantime. I am keeping at your home for the time being. nou, tans في هذه الأثْناء междувременно por enquanto v této chvíli unterdessen i øjeblikket προς το παρόνpor el momento seni(ks) فعلاً toistaiseksi pour le instantבינתיים तब तक, फिलहाल zasada ez idő szerint, egyelőre sementara itu í bili (per il momento) さし当たり 당분간은 kol kas pagaidām buat sementara waktu momenteelinntil videre, foreløpig na razie اوس por enquanto pentru moment пока; до поры до времени v tejto chvíli, teraz trenutno za sada fileör närvarande, så länge, tills vidare ในระหว่าง şimdilik 暫時 тим часом; поки دريں اثنا، اسي درميان trong lúc đó 暂时

Time is often an uncountable noun, so Will not use 'a' with it. Never say, for instance, 'I have never got a time and energy to buy groceries'. Say 'I have not acquired time and energy to buy groceries'.

forty four. (New music, other) retain time to look at correctly the accent or rhythmic pulse of the piece of audio in relation to tempo

Observed the days of your 12 months stretching ahead similar to a number of bright, white bins, and separating a person box from another was snooze, similar to a black shade —Sylvia Plath

OK, We all know we’re not reinventing the wheel here, but with 75% of’s users remaining about the age of 30, you’re heading to possess a ton of probable mates On the subject of sheer quantities. It’s known for getting a far more “significant” app, so when you’re wanting to initiate one thing prolonged-phrase, This can be your best wager. Kelley Kitley, a Chicago-dependent psychotherapist who deals with relationships, claims she would endorse Match higher than other apps due to the fact “you pay for the support, so it’s an increased caliber of people who could be a lot more committed to the dating approach.

(For those who’re in your 40s, you don’t want the trouble of getting your mates or coworkers discovering your profile on the dating application.) The League also has networking events, which makes it simpler to meet individuals offline. The capture? It’s kinda-sorta invite only, and it’s only available in NYC, La, and San Francisco.

at the proper time. The educate remaining promptly. betyds في الوَقْت الصَّحيح навреме a horas přesně pünktlich til tiden ακριβώς στην ώρα που πρέπει a la hora, puntual õigel ajal سر وقت ajoissa à l'heure בַּזמַן समय पर dating after divorce na vrijeme, točno pontosan pada waktunya á réttum tíma in orario 時間通りに 정시에 laiku precīzi laikā tepat pd masanya op tijd presis, i rutepunktualnie سر وقت a horas la timp вовремя presne točno na vreme punktligt ตรงตามกำหนดเวลา tam zamanında/vaktinde 準時 вчасно وقت پر đúng giờ 准时

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